Delta 185 PE

Delta 185 PE

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€ 53.400
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Informatie en specificaties

Hoogte:101 cm
Breedte:152 cm
Lengte:185 cm
Gewicht:330 kg
Afwerking:Zwart Hoogglans

Delta 185

The grand piano for the parlor — an encounter with the extraordinary. This grand piano is truly convincing with its balanced and sensitive touch, which produces countless tonal nuances. The grand piano's range of sound sets standards and never fails to enchant the listener. This is the ideal instrument for chamber music concerts and enriching one's lifestyle. The sound board is made of the finest mountain spruce. Special felts are selected for the hammer heads.

Exclusive details: Ebony sharps. Large double brass casters. Sostenuto pedal. Lid support made of solid maple for greater tonal brilliance. Fallboard with hydraulic damping. Music rack with convenient one-handed operation.